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Prepared by Dean Garrison for TMSL ASP Website, June 24, 2011

Texas Bar Examination Subjects

Multistate Subjects (multiple choice questions)
● Constitutional Law ● Criminal Law ● Real Property
● Contracts ● Evidence ● Torts

Multistate Performance Test
    The Texas Bar Examination includes the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), a skills test designed to assess the examinee's ability to use fundamental lawyering skills in a realistic situation.  During the test, each examinee will receive a "file" of source documents and a "library" of cases, statutes, and rules.  Using these materials, the examinee will be required to perform an assigned lawyering task, such as writing a memorandum to a supervising attorney, a letter to a client, a contract provision, a proposal for settlement, or a closing argument.  Contact the National Conference of Bar Examiners for sample MPT exams.  (See above.) 

Texas Essay Subjects (TMSL course where covered)
*  Business associations, including agency, corporations, partnerships, limited liability   
    companies and professional associations (Business Associations)
*  Trusts and guardianships (Wills & Trusts)
*  Wills and administration (Wills & Trusts)
*  Family law (Family Law)
*  Uniform Commercial Code (Commercial Law)
*  Consumer rights, including DTPA and insurance (Consumer Rights)
*  Real property, including oil and gas (Texas Property)
   Cross-Over Topics (if tested, the following will be included within another subject)
*  Income, estate & gift tax issues, tested within family law, oil & gas, wills, etc. (Tax)
*  Bankruptcy, to be included where appropriate, as an element of questions in other   
    subjects, such as family law, wills and estates, real property, etc. (Bankruptcy)
Procedure and Evidence Subjects
*  Texas civil procedure and evidence, including jurisdiction (Texas Practice, Evidence)
*  Federal and Texas criminal procedure and evidence (Texas Practice, Criminal Procedure)  


















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