Academic Support Programs


Student Led:  High-achieving upper-level students work as Teaching Assistants (TA) in the Peer Tutorial Program.  One TA is assigned to each first year substantive course, Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property and Torts. 
Professor Led:  Tenured and tenure-track professors teach cumulative review tutorials periodically throughout the semester
Tutorials are offered to help teach each courses related black-letter law in a less formal setting for each core class for 1Ls.  These sessions are usually led by upper-level students that were hand selected by that particular professor for their proficiency in the class and their ability to teach.  These Tutors lead one tutorial per week (additional tutorials are at the discretion of each professor) for each 1L core curriculum course (Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts) to supplement the learning that occurs in the classroom, and to teach skills such as case analysis, case briefing, legal method, course outlining, and exam preparation.  Tutors are uniquely situated to link professors and first-year students in a manner to enhance learning and discover early learning problems.  In particular, tutorials are designed to reinforce nomenclature and black letter law.


ASP hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year specifically designed to enhance particular stages of a student’s law school career.  These workshops include:

1L: What Every 1L Should Know By Now:  Property-Ownership (5 wk benchmark),
  Intentional Torts (8wk benchmark), Contracts (10 wk benchmark)
  Final Reviews:  Criminal Law, Torts, Contracts, and Property
2L: Final Reviews:  Evidence and Constitutional Law
  Panel Discussion:  Have a Challenging 3L
3L: Panel Discussion:  Recent Bar Takers Give Insights About Bar Study
  Bar Examiner Insights
  Bar Coach and How to Study
Post 3L/Bar Candidate:
  3 MBE Mock Exams
  MPT/P&E Overview & Mock Exams
  Bar Essay Writing
  Specific Bar subject related workshops on demand


















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