Syllabi - Spring 2013

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1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 3rd Year Bar Review Electives Seminars Clinic Trial Sim.

Course Number Course Name Instructor
502-1 Civil Procedure C. Jackson
502-2 Civil Procedure A. Otero
502-3 Civil Procedure M. James
502-4 Civil Procedure M. Butler
505-1 Contracts II E. Wu
505-2 Contracts II O. Chukwumerije
505-3 Contracts II E. Wu
505-4 Contracts II F. Jackson
930-1 Lawyering Process II K. Vukadin
930-2 Lawyering Process II D. Penny
930-3 Lawyering Process II E. Kelsaw
930-4 Lawyering Process II E. Kelsaw
930-5 Lawyering Process II C. Hill
930-6 Lawyering Process II R. Stewart
930-7 Lawyering Process II A. Anga
930-8 Lawyering Process II M. Kelly
930-9 Lawyering Process II M. Kelly
930-10 Lawyering Process II S. Lewis
930-11 Lawyering Process II S. Lewis
507-1 Property II F. Colon-Navarro
507-2 Property II F. Colon-Navarro
507-3 Property II T. Kleven
507-4 Property II A. Tekle
509-1 Torts II C. Fain
509-2 Torts II R. Stewart
509-3 Torts II L. D. Weeden
509-4 Torts II E. Ransom
Course Number Course Name Instructor
640-1 Business Associations M. Johnson
640-2 Business Associations E. Duruigbo
610-1 Commercial Law S. Green
610-2 Commercial Law S. Green
601-1 Criminal Procedure L. Salinas
601-2 Criminal Procedure K. Sanders
601-3 Criminal Procedure A. Walker
601-4 Criminal Procedure K. Sanders
620-1 Professional Responsibility M. Johnson
620-2 Professional Responsibility A. James
920-1 Appellate Litigation M. Butler
920-2 Appellate Litigation K. Vukadin
920-3 Appellate Litigation S. B. Landau
920-4 Appellate Litigation S. Ledesma
920-5 Appellate Litigation C. Jackson
650-1 Wills and Trusts M. Carrington
650-2 Wills and Trusts M. Carrington
740-1 Federal Income Taxation J. Beard
740-2 Federal Income Taxation G. Aitsebaomo
711-1 Consumer Rights M. James
711-2 Consumer Rights O. Chukwumerije
Course Number Course Name Instructor
602-1 Federal Jurisdiction M. Levy
602-2 Federal Jurisdiction M. Leal
903-1 Texas Practice A. Otero
Course Number Course Name Instructor
982-1 Advanced Bar Review G. Aitsebaomo
809-1 Seminar-Bar Essay Writing D. Shoyombo
809-2 Seminar-Bar Essay Writing G. Hardmon
Course Number Course Name Instructor
985-1 Music/Entertainment Contracts R. Anderson
741-1 First Amendment L. D. Weeden
784-1 Marital Property A. James
725-1 Domestic Relations J. Beard
825-1 Employment Law Judge S. Smith
723-1 Recreational Injuries W. Champion
789-1 Sports Law W. Champion
721-1 Oil & Gas E. Duruigbo
796-1 Law Review L. Salinas
730-1 Advanced Criminal Law J. Dominguez
Course Number Course Name Instructor
832-1 Advanced Legal Analysis V. Mouton
810-1 Bankruptcy Law M. Leal
807-1 Advanced Legal Writing A. Palasota
845-1 Jurisprudence M. Levy
850-1 Latinos & The Law L. Salinas
859-1 Employ. Based Immigration T. Weir
728-1 Medical Legal Liability C. Fain
847-1 Patent Law E. Ransom
Course Number Course Name Instructor
822-1 Innocence Practice A. Haughton
823-1 Innocence Clinic A. Haughton
932-1 Civil Trial Practice M. Cartwright
932-2 Civil Trial Practice T. Harmon
935-1 Civil Law Clinic M. Cartwright
935-2 Civil Law Clinic T. Harmon
908-1 Civil Externship T. Harmon
907-1 Criminal Externship L. Johnson
960-1 Criminal Law Clinic L. Johnson
902-1 Criminal Trial Practice L. Johnson
933-1 Admin.(Immigration) Trial Practice M. Hew
934-1 Admin. (Immigration) Law Clinic M. Hew
909-1 Judicial Externship M. Cartwright/L. Johnson
912-1 Legislative Externship Douglas
Course Number Course Name Instructor
921-1 Trial Simulation M. Vinson
921-2 Trial Simulation S. Ledesma
921-3 Trial Simulation Judge S. Smith
921-4 Trial Simulation C. Markland
921-5 Trial Simulation L. Johnson
921-6 Trial Simulation A. Bennett
921-7 Trial Simulation M. Fields
921-8 Trial Simulation A. Walker
921-9 Trial Simulation T. Cotton
921-10 Trial Simulation Kebbaru Smith
921-11 Trial Simulation T. Harmon
921-12 Trial Simulation M. Cartwright
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