Brian Washington

Brian Washington

Class of 2013

B.A., Finance, University of Houston

In May 2010, I graduated with honors from the University of Houston with Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.  In addition, I worked two summers as an intern at United Healthcare in Finance and Operations and decided not to work fulltime to pursue a law degree at Thurgood Marshall.

I realized that attending law school was my destiny when I saw the constant misrepresentation by lawyers and the inequalities in the judicial system.  I knew that if given an opportunity, I could make a difference in the community by becoming an advocate to save “at-risk” teens and young adults before they get into the criminal justice system.  Thurgood Marshall School of Law was the ideal school to attend because of its legacy to promote equality and justice for all.  I highly respect the criminal justice system which promotes justice and equality.  That’s what I plan to display throughout my legal endeavors.

Thurgood Marshall School of Law is an excellent school, and I have excelled and developed here—I’m in my element. I am currently a member of the National Black Prosecutors Association and have been blessed to be a student at Thurgood Marshall. I am determined to make a difference in society.