Dannnye K. Holley, Dean and Professor of Law

Top 10 Reasons to Choose TMSL

Thurgood Marshall School of Law is part of Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas


Our Vision - we are committed to Thurgood’s legacy of excellence and equality for our diverse students

Our Mission - Our Mission is to prepare our students for leadership roles in the legal profession, business, and government.

Our Values - Our values are cooperation, excellence, fairness, integrity, and learning.

Our Credo - Protect, improve, and pass on our legacy of changing the face of the legal profession in Texas and the nation. 2012-2014 have produced confirmation from outside evaluators that we are honoring this credo and our vision.

Our Diversity - In 2016-17 TMSL was ranked by the “National Jurist” and its companion magazine “Pre-Law”, the best law school in the country for diversity. The story that accompanied the rankings assessed why diversity matters in fostering opportunities for a legal education that respects all of its participants.


Tuition - Thurgood’s tuition is relatively modest. (Annual tuition is less than $21,000 in-state students and less than $28,000 for nonresident students.)

Scholarships - We award scholarships annually up to 1 Million Dollars. We provide a full scholarship for each 2L student in the top 10%.

Career Services - Full interactive career services support.

Our Faculty - We have engaged faculty dedicated to meaningful research and scholarship. Our faculty delivers impactful knowledge and skills and train in problem prevention and solving.

Our Academics - We have pre-enrollment to post-graduation Academic Support Programs. We focus on measurable enhancement of student knowledge, skills, and problem prevention and solving abilities. Applicants with LSAT scores in the range of 147-150 have a real opportunity to excel. Applicants with LSAT scores of 150 or less are provided systematic Bar Exam training to increase their likelihood of passing Texas and other state Bar Exams. TMSL provides the a highly competitive Opportunity for YOU to pass a Bar Exam the first time when you have a 146-150 LSAT and a 2.8-3.2 undergraduate grade point average”. We proudly state that our graduates’ most recent performance on Bar Exams is our best performance ever on Bar Exams!

Our Collaborations - We collaborate with members of the legal profession and other professions to provide high quality training for our award-winning Mock Trial and Moot Court Inter-Law School competitive teams. We provide dual degree programs with the School of Business and the School of Public Affairs. We also provide opportunities for students to participate in-- Institutes, such as The Earl Carl Institute for Law and Policy, and Clinics, which provide opportunities for experiencing an array of legal practices and focus on developing skills; Externship Placements for Credit; and Certificates of Specialization in Immigration and International Law, Sports and Entertainment Law, and Government Law.

Our Alums - We proudly include among our alums -- Leading members of the U.S. House of Representatives and both the House and Senate of the Texas Legislature; Distinguished federal and state trial and appellate judges; Key partners in large, medium and small law firms; Executive and administrative government lawyers, both federal and state; Recognized sports and entertainment lawyers and agents; and Top attorneys in criminal and civil practice areas.


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