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Institutes & Centers > The Institute for International and Immigration Law > Related Links

Useful International Law Links

The United Nations. "The" international organization. Like it or not, the UN serves as the model for international organizations world wide, and, despite what many Americans may think, can boast numerous important successes without which the world would be much more dangerous over its nearly 60 year history.

The Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law at Cambridge University. A leading research center associated with one of the leading international law faculties. Good links. Of special interest is the link to the Cambridge University library.

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London. One of the leading specialist graduate schools in the world with a law faculty and policy faculty at the same location. Program seems unusual to Americans, but rather standard in Europe. Excellent program.

Links to Non-governmental Organizations for a bit of variety in the international job search.

The World Trade Organization: A plethora of useful links on international trade from the offices of the world trading body in Geneva

Home Page for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. The nation's chief trade negotiation agency. Useful information and links.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The "Club". The major industrial nations and their global economic policies together in one organization.

The World Bank. Development planning and strategy with money, expertise, and the backing of the major economic powers. Not all of their prescription have pleased all, but a major force in developmental politics.

The International Monetary Fund. The people who brought you Structural Adjustment Programs. Like the World Bank, not all have been pleased, but the IMF is both controversial and necessary.

The North American Free Trade Agreement. Until the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, the largest trade block (in terms of volume and value of trade and the economies of the participants) in the Western Hemisphere. Still important and set new standards (though controversial) for economic relations among trading partners.

The Federal Reserve Board of Dallas. Some excellent information on international economics, and some good links.

The Institute for International Economics is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy.

The African Union. An important and vital effort to unite the nations of Africa in matters of economic, political and foreign policy. A USA (United States of Africa)?

The European Union. The senior continental quasi-state. African Union on a bigger scale. NAFTA's biggest competitor. Indeed, some say, it was the reason NAFTA was created in the first place.

Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. From Alska to Chile. Verdict is out on this agreement, indeed, signing was almost anticlimatic.

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