Dannye Holley
Dean & Professor

Gabriel Aitsebaomo
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
Cassandra Hill
Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development & Associate Professor
Faith Joseph Jackson
Associate Dean for External Affairs & Associate Professor

Sarah Guidry
Executive Director for the Earl Carl Institute
Docia Rudley
Executive Director of Assessment
Director of Legal Clinic
DeCarlous Spearman
Director of Law Library & Associate Professor
Ericka Kelsaw
Director of Legal Writing and Associate Professor
Derrick Wilson
Director of Administration
Stephanie M. Ledesma
Director of Experiential Learning Programs and Assistant Professor

Marsha Griggs
Assistant Dean of Academic Support and Bar Readiness
Edward René
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
Susan Bynam
Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement
Prudence Smith
Assistant Dean for External Affairs
Assistant Dean of Career Services
Virgie Mouton
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Office Administrator
Paul Stein
Assistant Director of Academic Computing

Support Staff

Jo Alridge
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-4476

Zelder Burns
Senoir Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-7158

Mattie Chadwick
Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-7431

Leslie Coleman
Sr. Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-1007

Raqui Daniels
Admissions Coordinator
(713) 313-7115

Carolyn Gardner
Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-7114

Reba Hall
Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-4209

Andreience Hines
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-1197

Rita Johnson
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-4468

Kathy McKenzie
Sr. Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-7246

Norma Peet
Sr. Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-4480

Pearly Pendenque
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-1076

Sr. Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-1075

Susan Thomas
College Business Administrator I
(713) 313-1147

Toyann Timmons
Sr. Administrative Assistant - Legal
(713) 313-4270

Jimmy Walker
Career Services Coordinator
(713) 313-1014

Jeanetta Washington
Administrative Assistant
(713) 313-1139