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Ahunanya U. Anga Esq.  
Associate Professor of Law  
Ahunanya U. Anga Esq.
Phone:(713) 313-1339  
Joined the faculty in 2008.  

Course Syllabi and Information

1st Year/Lawyering Process I/900-6 and 900-7
This course provides introductory treatment of legal methods, case analysis, basic writing, legal writing, problem analysis, statutory analysis, and legal research. The legal methods component, which entails case analysis, synthesis and statutory analysis, exposes students to:

  1. a comprehensive technique of briefing judicial opinions;
  2. processes for synthesizing judicial decisions;
  3. concepts basic to the common law system, such as the function of courts, stare decisis, and holding versus dictum;
  4. concepts of relevance and the ability to distinguish relevant from irrelevant facts;
  5. the ability to identify and frame legal issues;
  6. the ability to abstract legal principles from cases and apply them to other fact situations, and reason to sound conclusion;
  7. analogization techniques; and
  8. the relationship between common law and legislation.

The basic writing, legal writing and problem analysis components entail:

  1. development of an appreciation for the differences between good and bad legal writing;
  2. improvement of grammar, sentence structure, paragraph and organization;
  3. techniques of persuasive prose;
  4. techniques of answering traditional essay law exam questions; and
  5. strategies designed to enhance the ability to answer multiple choice law exam questions.

The legal research component entails the development of the ability to use the national reporter system, the digest system, legal encyclopedias, Shepard citations, legal periodicals, loose-leaf services and the Uniform System of Citation.

Syllabus for Lawyering Process, Sections 6 & 7

















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