Craig L. Jackson
Professor of Law

Additional Information
Fall 2014 Constitutional Law Syllabus
Fall 2014 Appellate Litigation Syllabus
Craig L. Jackson

Phone: (713) 313-1098
Joined the faculty in 1990.

B.A., Rice University, Houston, TX 1977
J.D., University of Texas School of Law, Austin, TX 1980
Biographical Information
Courses Taught
  • International Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Appellate Litigation
Select Publications
  • The New Deal Commerce Clause and the Modern Regulatory State: Economic Activities, Non-Activities, and Health Care (forthcoming), U. OF PA. J. CONST. L., Vol.15 (2012).
  • The International Jurisprudence of Thurgood Marshall (work in progress).
  • Warren and Eisenhower and the New Supreme Court Liberalism: What Did Ike Know and When Did He Know It? (work in progress).
  • The Second Amendment and the Myth of Neutrality: McDonald v. City of Chicago and Judicial Craftsmanship, available at (2010).
  • United States Supreme Court's 2006-2007 Term, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and a New Direction, 36 CAPITAL L. REV. 511 (2008).
  • The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine and Foreign Policy Federalism - The Missing Issue in Medellin v. Texas, 31 SUFFOLK TRANSNAT'L L. REV. 335 (2008).
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