Marcia Johnson
Professor of Law

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Marcia Johnson

Phone: (713) 313-1027
Joined the faculty in 1991.

Additional Biographical Information

  • Interim Dean, Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, TX (1999)
  • Interim Associate Dean, Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, TX (1998)
  • Associate Professor, Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston,TX

Additional Publications -return to top-
  • Addressing Housing Needs in the Post Katrina Gulf Coast, 31 T. MARSHALL L. REV., 327 (Spring 2006).
  • Lead Appellate Counsel in the Amicus Curaie Brief, Shirley Neeley, In Her Official Capacity As The Commissioner Of Education, Et Al., V. West Orange-Cove Consolidated I.S.D., Et Al., June 2005.
  • Abstinence Plus Health Science Textbooks and Curricula Best Serve Texas Students, (2004) (A position paper) (on file with the Earl Carl Institute
  • Marcia Johnson & JaPaula Kemp, The Effect of Educating Prisoners, 7 J.L. & SOC. CHANGE 1 (2003).

Written Presentations

  • Texas Urban Academic Initiative, An Action Plan, supervising and lead author (2009).
  • The History of the NAACP in Texas, supervising and lead author (2009).
  • The Color of Justice in America, supervisor (2008).
  • Alternative Education Programs, Are They a Direct Route to Prison?, supervisor (2008).
  • The Need for a Public Defender's Office in Harris County, supervisor (2008).
  • Texas Southern University, Where to From Here?, lead author (2007).

Memberships/Licenses -return to top-
  • United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas

Affiliations -return to top-
  • National Bar Association
  • Houston Bar Association
  • State Bar of Texas

Past Affiliations

  • Board Member, Harris County Public Defender Board
  • Committee Member, Texas Bar Ethics Grievance Committee
  • Director, Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy
  • Board Member, Affordable Communities Development Program
  • Board Member, METRO Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas
  • Board Member, Texas High Speed Rail Authority
  • Board Member, The Women's Center
  • Board Member, Texas Freedom Network
  • Board Member, Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation
  • Board Member, MacGregor Park Community Development Corporation
  • Board Member, Acres Homes Citizen's Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member, Acres Homes Center for Education and Economic Development
  • Counsel to Faculty Senate and Faculty Assembly, Texas Southern University

Community Service -return to top-
  • Vice Chair, Houston Forensic Science, LGC, Inc.
  • Executive Committee, Harris County Coalition for Juvenile and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Member, Board of Advisors, Annam Community Development Corporation