Ana Otero
Associate Professor of Law

Fall 2014 Evidence Syllabus
Fall 2014 Texas Practice Syllabus
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Ana Otero

Phone: (713) 313-1025
Joined the faculty in 2003.

Additional Biographical Information

  • Associate Municipal Court Judge, City of Houston Municipal Courts, Houston, TX (1977-Present)
  • Ana M. Otero Legal Seminars Co., Houston, TX (1991-Present)
  • Instructor, Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Houston, TX (1991-Present)
  • Instructor, Municipal Courts Education Center, Austin, TX (1995-Present)
  • Deputy Assistant Director/Staff Attorney, City of Houston Municipal Courts, Houston, TX (1993-1997)
  • Instructor, Criminal Justice Dept., University of Houston, Houston, TX (1993-1995)
  • Senior Attorney, Blackwell & Walker PA., Miami, FL (1985-1990)
  • Financial Analyst, Rosario Resources, Greenwich, CT (1978-1982)

Publications -return to top-
  • Tinkering with the Machinery of Death in Texas: A Chronicle of Unbridled Injustice and Abuse, 16 GEO. MASON U. C.R. L.J. 183 (2006).
  • In Harm's Way - A Dismal State of Justice: The Legal Odyssey of Cesar Fierro, 16 BERKELEY LA RAZA L.J. (2005).
  • To the People Sitting in Darkness: A Resolve for Unity and Integration, 54 RUTGERS L. REV. 1133 (2002).

Affiliations -return to top-
  • Texas State Bar
  • Florida State Bar
  • Texas Municipal Courts Education Center (Faculty)
  • Hispanic Bar Associations (Board Member)
  • Hispanic National Bar Association
  • Houston Lawyers Referral Service (Board Member)