Deana Pollard Sacks
Roberson King Professor of Law

Curriculum Vitae
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Deana Pollard Sacks

Phone: (713) 313-7159
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Joined the faculty in 2000.

Additional Biographical Information

  • Policy Analyst, The Elected Lost Angeles Charter Reform Commission, Los Angeles, CA (1998)
  • Private Practice/Litigation (Licensed in CA and WA) (1989-Present)

Additional Publications  

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  • Wrongful Analysis in Wrongful Life Jurisprudence, 55 ALA. L. REV. 327 (2004).
  • Banning Child Corporal Punishment, 77 TUL. L. REV. 575 (2003).
  • Banning Corporal Punishment  A Constitutional Analysis, 52 AM. U. L. REV. 447 (2002).
  • Regulating Violent Pornography, 43 VAND. L. REV. 125 (1990).
  • Unconscious Bias and Self Critical Analysis:  The Case for a Qualified Evidentiary Equal Employment
    Opportunity Privilege
    , 74 WASH. L. REV. 913 (1999).

    Practice-Oriented Work

  • Sexual Harassment: What Is It? What Can You Do About It?,  Washington Trial Lawyers Association
    Annual Employment Law Seminar (1995).

  • Reinstating Common Law Marriage, California Legislature Joint Task Force on the Changing Family,
    Reinstating Common Law Marriage in California Couples: Recognizing Diversity & Strengthening
    Fundamental Relationships (1988).

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  • MSNBC. New York, NY. Appeared on Dan Abrams’s show to debate the proposed Massachusetts
    legislation to prohibit spanking. Nov. 28, 2007.
  • Fox News Channel. New York, NY. Appeared on various national news segments, virtual roundtable. May,
    2005 – present.
  • New England Cable News Network. Boston, MA. Debated Chester Darling on children’s rights regarding
    corporal punishment. Jan. 14, 2005. Appeared on Amanda Lasseter’s talk show regarding proposed
    spanking bill.
  • Channel 9 News (KUSA), Denver, CO. Interviewed by Law Professor Jan Laitos on “@ISSUE” segment of
    Ten O’Clock News regarding various topics, including American children’s rights, sexual disease, and
    unconscious bias.
  • Fox 26 News at Nine, Houston, TX. Various appearances relating to various legal topics, including civil liability
    for transmitting a sexual disease, the Bush v. Gore case in the 2000 Presidential Election and the Americans
    with Disabilities Act. November, 2000 – present.


  • KPFT, Houston, Texas. Guest on George Reiter’s talk show regarding corporal punishment of children and the
    harms associating with hitting children. Feb. 17, 2005.
  • WMAL, Wash., D.C., Jan. 21, 2000. Discussed Southwest Airlines lawsuit.
  • KTSU, Houston, Texas, July, 2001. Discussed unconscious bias and corporal punishment of children.


  • Press conference on Texas House Bill 2413 (to ban school paddling). April, 2005.
  • Testified in favor of James Marzilli’s bill to ban parental spanking, Boston, 2005
  • Testified in favor of Alma Allen’s bill to ban school paddling, Austin, 2005.