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L. Darnell Weeden  
Professor of Law  
L. Darnell Weeden - Professor of Law 
Phone:(713) 313-4249  
Joined the faculty in 1990.  
J.D., University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, 1975
B.A., Journalism & Political Science, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, 1972

Biographical Information

  • Professor, Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, TX (1990-present)
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Research, Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Houston, TX (2005-2012)

Courses Taught

  • Constitutional Law
  • Torts I
  • Torts II
  • First Amendment

Select Publications

  • Introduction:  Race & Immigration Symposium, 44 ARIZ. ST. L.J. 1 (2012).
  • The Supremacy Clause Preemption Rationale Reasonable Restrains An Individual State Pursuing Its Own Separate But Unequal Immigration Policy, 14 SCHOLAR 679 (2012).
  • Commentary on Professor Richards Sander's Class in American Legal Education, 88 DENV. U. L. REV. 851 (2011).
  • Criminal Procedure And The Racial Profiling Issue For Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley, 17 WASH. & LEE J. CIV. RTS. & SOC. JUST. 305 (2011).
  • In Response To The Call For Social Justice Historically Black Law Schools (HBLSs) Represent The New Mission Of Educational Diversity In The Legal Profession, 14 J. GENDER RACE & JUST. 747 (2011).
  • Fifty Plus Years After The Start Of The Civil Rights Movement:  A Contextual Analysis Of The Freedom Of Association For The National Associations For The Advancement Of Colored People's Pursuit Of Reforming The Law, 12 FLA. COASTAL L. REV. 337 (2011).
  • Income Integration As A Race-Neutral Pursuit Of Equality And Diversity In Education After The Parents Involved In Community Schools Decision, 21 U. FLA. J.L. & PUB. POL'Y 365 (2010).
  • It Is Discriminatory For Arizona Or Society To Engage In The Anti-Immigration Practice Of Profiling Hispanics For Speaking Spanish, 12 LOY. J. PUB. INT. L 109 (2010).
  • A First Amendment Establishment Clause Analysis Of Permanent Displays On Public Property As Government Speech, 35 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 217 (2010).
  • Historically Black Colleges Advance Reverse Academic Diversity, 13 N.Y. CITY L. REV. 1 (2009).
  • Standing And Speaking Constitutional Truth To Local Power Regarding Undocumented Immigrant Residents Dwelling With We The People Of The United States, 34 S. ILL. U. L. J. 55 (2009).
  • English Only Rules In Public Schools Should Be Presumed Illegal, 34 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 379 (2009).
  • Race-Conscious Equality Confronts America, President Obama, Justice Sotomayor, Professor Gates, And Sergeant Crowley, 35 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 113 (2009).
  • Racial Profiling And The Implications Of Jena Six In Undermining The Civil Rights Of Blacks In America, 36 S. U. L. REV. 239 (2009).
  • Foreword:  Immigration Law & Policy Symposium, 34 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 283 (2009).
  • Local Laws Restricting The Freedom Of Undocumented Immigrants As Violations Of Equal Protection And Principles Of Federal Preemption, 52 ST. LOUIS U. L. J. 479 (2008).
  • TMSL Law Review 2008 Education Symposium Opening Commentary, 34 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 1 (2008).
  • Implication Of The No Child Left Behind Act For Educational Equity And Segregation, 4 FIU L. REV. 101 (2008).
  • The Black Eye Of Hurricane Katrina's Post Jim Crow Syndrome Is A Basic Human Dignity Challenge For America, 37 CAP. U. L. REV. 93 (2008).
  • Justice Thurgood Marshall And School Integration:  Green And Keyes From A Unitary Standard To A Double Standard To A Uniform National De Facto Standard, 27 MISS. C. L. REV. 393 (2008).
  • Response To Professor Amar:  Some Thoughts On The Electoral College's Past, Present, And Future, 34 OHIO N. U. L. REV. 393 (2008).
  • Johnnie Cochran Challenged America's New Age Officially Unintentional Black Code; A Constitutionally Permissible Racial Profiling Policy, 33 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 135 (2007).
  • The Less Than Fair Employment Practice Of An English-Only Rule In The Workplace, 7 NEV. L. J. 947 (2007).




































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