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L. Darnell Weeden  
Professor of Law  
L. Darnell Weeden - Professor of Law 
Phone:(713) 313-4249  
Joined the faculty in 1990.  

Course Syllabi and Information

1st Year/Torts II/509-3 (Spring 2013)
This course addresses the judicial treatment of claims based on personal injuries and property loss where the complaining party utilizes one or more of the following three major bases of liability: intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability. More particularly, the course covers: battery, assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of mental distress, trespass to land, trespass to chattels, conversion, defenses to the intentional torts, negligence, joint torfeasors, damages, wrongful death and survival, contributory negligence defense, assumption of risk defense, comparative negligence defense, last clear chance, statute of limitations and repose, immunities, imputed negligence, strict liability, products liability, nuisance, misrepresentation, defamation, invasion of privacy and misuse of legal procedure.

Syllabus for Torts II, Section 3

Electives/First Amendment/741 (Spring 2013)
This course concerns the constitutional rights of the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Among the topics covered will be offensive speech, libel, pornography, symbolic speech, commercial speech, campaign finance, Internet and broadcast regulation, restrictions on time, place, and manner of expression, selective government subsidies of speech, unconstitutional conditions on speech, religious autonomy, rights of religious communities, aid to parochial schools and other religious institutions, permissible accommodations of religious practice and state establishments of religion.

Syllabus for First Amendment

1st Year/Torts I/508-3 (Fall 2012)
Syllabus for Torts I, Section 3

2nd-3rd Year/Constitutional Law/540-2 (Fall 2012)
A study of the United States Constitution including judicial review, national power, state power, executive and congressional relations, substantive due process, procedural due process and equal protection.
Syllabus for Constitutional Law, Section 2























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