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McKen V. Carrington


McKen V. Carrington, & Chris Ogolla, Fame, Family Fueds, Lack Of Estate Planning, And Ethical Misconduct In The Administration Of The Billion-Dollar Legacy Of Bob Marley, 4 Est. Plan. & Community Prop. L.J. 53 (2011).

McKen V. Carrington, Department: Profiles in Professionalism, 43 HOUS. LAW. 40 (2006).
McKen V. Carrington, Foreword, 31 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 323 (2005-2006).

McKen V. Carrington, Bush Threatens Separation of Church and State, 15 TEX. LAW. 30 (1999).
McKen V. Carrington, Legal Education in Malawi, 23 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 55 (1997).

McKen V. Carrington, A Profile in Professionalism: A Lawyer's Mandate, 34 HOUS. LAW. 10 (1997).

McKen V. Carrington, A Question of Institutional Credibility, 16 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 499 (1991).

McKen V. Carrington, Texas Inheritance Lottery Lapse and the Class Gift Rule: At Last a Statutory Resolution, 17 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 31 (1991).

McKen V. Carrington, Estate Planning for the Non-Taxable Estate, 21 St. MARY'S L.J. 367 (1989-1990).

McKen V. Carrington, Texas Probate Court Legislative Update, 25 HOUS. LAW. 56 (March 1988).

McKen V. Carrington, Selected Financial Issues for Lawyers Contemplating Retirement, 50 TEX. B.J. 510 (May 1987).

McKen V. Carrington, Renting Real Estate to Family Members, 23 HOUS. LAW. 20 (January 1986).

McKen V. Carrington, & Carl Poston, Accommodation of Family Status in the Tax Treatment of Retirement Plans, 12 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 47 (1986).

Book Reviews
McKen V. Carrington, Merline Pitre’s In Struggle against Jim Crow, Lulu White and the NAACP, 26 T. MARSHALL L. REV. 107 (2000).

McKen V. Carrington, Juan Williams’ Thurgood Marshall – American Revolutionary, 27 S.U. L. REV. 81 (1999).




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