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Law Library > Faculty Scholarship Database

Okezie Chukwumerije

Okezie Chukwumerije, Interpreting Most-Favored–Nation Clauses in Investment Treaty Arbitrations, 8 J. World Inv. & Trade 597 (2007).

Okezie Chukwumerije, Peer Review and the Promotion of Good Governance in Africa, 32 N.C.J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 49 (2006).
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Okezie Chukwumerije, International Judicial Assistance: Revitalizing Section 1782, 37 Geo. Wash. Int'l L. Rev. 649 (2005).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Judicial Supervision of Commercial Arbitration: The English Arbitration Act of 1996, 15 Arb. Int’l 171 (1999).
Okezie Chukwumerije, International Law and Article 42 of the ICSID Convention, 14 J. Int’l Arb. 79 (1997).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Reform and Consolidation of English Arbitration Law, 8 Am. Rev. Int'l Arb. 21 (1997).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Applicable Substantive Law in International Commercial Arbitration, 23 Anglo-Am. L. Rev. 265 (1994).
Okezie Chukwumerije,   Enforcement of Foreign Awards in Australia: The Implication of Resort Condominiums, 5 Disp. Resp. J. 85 (1994).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Commentary, The Enforcement of International Commercial Awards: Schreter v. Gasmac Inc., 22 Can. Bus. L.J. 296 (1993).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Commentary, Is an Arbitration Award Made Where It Is Signed, 20 Can. Bus. L.J. 305 (1992).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Unenforceability of Principal Debtors’ Obligation as a Ground for Invalidating a Guarantee, 6 Banking & Fin. L. Rev. 221 (1991).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Icsid Arbitration and Sovereign Immunity, 19 Anglo-Am. L. Rev. 166 (1990).

Okezie Chukwumerije, Choice of Law in international Commercial Arbitration (1994).
Okezie Chukwumerije, Sovereign Immunity and Transnational Arbitration (National Library of Canada 1993) (1989).


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