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Donald K. Hill
Deceased Professor

Donald K. Hill, Comment, Social Separation in America: Thurgood Marshall and the Texas Connections, 28 T. Marshall L. Rev. 177 (2002).
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Donald K. Hill,  Myth, Law and Linguistic Thought, 1 Wis. Multi-Cultural L.J. 9 (1991).

Donald K. Hill, Linguistic Thought and Behavior: Sociolinguistic Considerations in Multicultural Legal Education, 16 T. Marshall L. Rev. 571 (1990).
Donald K. Hill, Law School, Legal Education, and the Black Law Student, 12 T. Marshall L. Rev. 457 (1986).

Donald K. Hill,  Regulating the Termination of a Proposed Nuclear Power Plant in Texas: The Aliens Creek Experience, 15 St. Mary's L.J. 299 (1983).
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Donald K. Hill,  Local Regulation of Public Utilities: PURA Revisited, 9 T. Marshall L. Rev. 17 (1983).
Donald K. Hill,  Transfer of Technology from the United States to Nigeria: A Balancing of Legal Interests, 6 Tex. S.U.L. Rev. 380 (1979).

Donald K. Hill,  Communications, Public Interest, and Community Participation: Theories and Strategies for Citizen Intervention in the Broadcast Media, 1 Tex. S. Intramural L. Rev. 77 (1970).
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Book Chapter
Otis H. King & Donald K. Hill, Status of the African-American in the Judicial Process in Houston 1991: Where we are 181 -202 (Parragon Publishing Co. 1991).



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