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Law Library > Faculty Scholarship Database

Emeka Duruigbo
Associate Professor

Emeka Duruigbo, The Global Energy Challenge and Nigeria's Emergence as a Major Gas Power: Promise, Peril or Paradox of Plenty?, 21 Geo. Int’l Envtl. L. Rev. 395 (2009).

Emeka Duruigbo, Corporate Accountability and Liability for International Human Rights Abuses: Recent Changes and Recurring Challenges, 6 Nw. U. J. Int’l Hum. Rts. 222 (2008).
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Emeka Duruigbo, Exhaustion of Local Remedies and Alien Tort Litigation, 29 Fordham Int’l L.J. 1245 (2006).  

Emeka Duruigbo, Permanent Sovereignty and Peoples’ Ownership of Natural Resources in International Law, 38 Geo. Wash. Int’l L. Rev. 33 (2006).
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Emeka Duruigbo, The World Bank, Multinational Oil Corporations and Resource Curse in Africa, 26 U. Pa. J. Int'l Econ. L. 1 (2005).

Emeka Duruigbo, The Economic Cost of Alien Tort Litigation, 14 Minn. J. Global Trade 1 (2004).

Emeka Duruigbo, Managing Oil Revenues for Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria: The Case for Community Trust Fund, 30 N.C.J. Int'l L. & Com. Reg. 121 (2004).
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 Emeka Duruigbo, Natural Gas Development in Nigeria and Its Implications, Energy Bus., Oct. 2004, at 43.

Emeka Duruigbo, International Relations, Economics and Compliance with International Law: Harnessing Common Resources to Protect the Environment and Solve Global Problems, 31 Cal. W. Int'l L.J. 177 (2001).

Emeka Duruigbo, Multinational Corporations and Compliance with International Regulations Relating to the Petroleum Industry, 7 Ann. Surv. Int'l & Comp. L. 101 (2001).

Emeka Duruigbo, Reforming the International Law and Policy on Marine Oil Pollution, 31 J. Mar. L. & Com. 65 (2000).

Emeka Duruigbo, Multinational Corporations And International Law: Accountability And Compliance Issues In The Petroleum Industry (Transnational Publishers, Inc., 2003).
Emeka Duruigbo, Beyond Good Deeds: Case Studies And A New Policy Agenda For Corporate Accountability (Nautillo Institute 2002).

Book Chapters
Emeka Duruigbo, Pioneering Models for International Project Finance and Criminal Adjudication through Shared Sovereignty, in Africa: Mapping New Boundaries in International Law 205 (Hart Publishing 2008).



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