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Law Library > Faculty Scholarship Database

Constance F. Fain
Earl Carl Professor

Constance F. Fain, Minimizing Liability for Church-Related Counseling Services: Clergy Malpractice and First Amendment Religion Clauses, 44 Akron L. Rev. 221 (2011).

 Constance F. Fain, A Conversation with Johnnie Cochran: From His Book “Journey to Justice”, 33 T. Marshall L. Rev. 213 (2007).

Constance F. Fain & Herbert Fain, Sexual Abuse and the Church, 31 T. Marshall L. Rev. 209 (2006).
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Constance F. Fain, Characteristics of the Heroic Lawyer, 13 Widener L.J. 61 (2003).

Constance F. Fain, Annotation, Defamation of Church Member by Church or Church Official and First Amendment Defenses, 109 A.L.R.5th 541 (2003).
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Constance F. Fain, Annotation, Civil Liability of Hospital for Negligent Handling, Transportation, and Disposition of Corpse, 86 A.L.R.5th 693 (2001).

Constance F. Fain, A Methodology for Teaching Constitutional Law, 21 Seattle U. L. Rev. 807 (1998).

Constance F. Fain, Attorney Misconduct Related to Alcoholism or Other Types of Chemical Dependency, in Regustus, 22 (1996).

Constance F. Fain, Corporate Director and Officer Liability, 18 U. Ark. Little Rock  L. Rev. 417 (1996).

Constance F. Fain, Architect and Engineer Liability, 35 Washburn l.j. 32 (1995).

Constance F. Fain, Bankers' and Financial Planners' Liability - American Jurisprudence, 11 Banking & Fin. L. Rev. 77 (1995).

Constance F. Fain, Accountant Liability, 21 Ohio N.U.L. Rev. 355 (1995).

Constance F. Fain, An Overview of Real Estate Agent or Broker Liability, 23 Real Est. L.J. 257 (1995).

Constance F. Fain, Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Counseling Liability, 6 Regustus 19 (1993).

Constance F. Fain, Malpractice of Mental Health Professionals, 5 Regustus 15 (1992).
Constance F. Fain, Clergy Malpractice: Liability for Negligent Counseling and Sexual Misconduct, 12 Miss. C. L. Rev. 97 (1991).

Constance F. Fain, Wrongful Life: Legal and Medical Aspects, 75 Ky. L.J. 585 (1987), reprinted in Personal Injury Review 525 (Matthew Bender & Co. 1988).

 Constance F. Fain, A Comprehensive Legal Communication Skills Program: The Thurgood Marshall Model, 7 S. Ill. U. L.J. 1 (1982).

Constance F. Fain, Conjugal Violence: Legal and Psycho sociological Remedies, 32 Syracuse L. Rev. 497 (1981), reprinted in Ira Ellman et. al., Cases, Materials and Problems on Family Law 121-122 (2nd ed., Michie Co. 1991).

Constance F. Fain, Pregnancy and Sex Discrimination, 5 Tex. S. U. L. Rev. 54 (1978).

Constance F. Fain, Ethics for Lawyers (1996).

Book Chapters
Constance F. Fain, Professional Liability, in 24 Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses and Damages 1 (2006).

Constance F. Fain, Professional Liability, in 5A Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses and Damages 1 (1991).

Constance F. Fain, Assault and Battery, in 1A Personal Injury: Actions, Defenses and Damages 1 (1990).

Book Reviews
Constance F. Fain, Virginia E. Nolan & Edmund Ursin’s Understanding Enterprise Liability: Rethinking Tort Reform for the Twenty-First Century, 23 Law Books in Rev. 117 (1996).

Constance F. Fain, Frank M. McClellan’s Medical Malpractice, 22 Law Books in Rev. 31 (1995).




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