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Law Library > Faculty Scholarship Database

Dannye Holley
Dean and Professor

Dannye Holley, Mens Rea Evaluations By the United States Supreme Court: It Does Not Have the Tools and Only Occasionally Displays the Talent--A Sixty-Year Report Card--1950-2009, 35 Okla. City U. L. Rev. 401 (2010).
Dannye Holley, The Supreme Courts: Did September 11th Accelerate Their Sanctioning the Constitutionality of Criminalizing Suspicion?, 7 Pierce L. Rev. 39 (2008).
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Dannye Holley, Federalism Gone Far Astray from Policy and Constitutional Concerns: The Administration of Convictions to Impeach by State's Rules - 1990-2004, 2 Tenn. J.L. & Pol’y 239 (2005).
Dannye Holley, Culpability Evaluations in the State Supreme Courts from 1977 to 1999: A “Model” Assessment, 34 Akron L. Rev. 401 (2000).
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Dannye Holley, Influence of the Model Penal Code's Culpability Provisions on State Legislatures: A Study of Lost Opportunities, Including Abolishing the Mistake of Fact Doctrine, 27 Sw. U. L. Rev. 229 (1997).
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Dannye Holley & L. Darnell Weeden, United States v. Fordice: The Mississippi Aftermath, 31 New Eng. L. Rev. 769 (1996).
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Dannye Holley & Dr. Joyce Holley, Auditor Common Law Liability in the State Courts: A Recent (1980-94) Outcome Restatement and Perspectives of the Accounting and Legal Professions, 6 U. Miami Bus. L.J. 1 (1995).
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Dannye Holley & J.P. Ogilvy, Critical Thinking and the Law, 1 Int’l  J. Legal  Prof. 343 (1994).
Dannye Holley & Thomas Kleven, Bar Examination and Other Barriers to African and Hispanic American Fair Representation Among American Lawyers: A 1990 Update-Perspectives-and Recommendations, 16 T. Marshall L. Rev. 477 (1990).
Dannye Holley, The Decline of the Right to Privacy and Security: Gates and the States-The First Three Years, 21 Creighton L. Rev. 823 (1987).
Dannye Holley, Minorities and the Legal Profession: Current Platitudes, Current Barriers, 12 T. Marshall L. Rev. 299 (1986).
Dannye Holley, “Plea Convictions”-Documenting and Evaluating the Reasons the United States Supreme Court and State Supreme Courts Don't Require Proof of Guilt, 11 T. Marshall L. Rev. 301 (1985).
Dannye Holley, Ignorance and Innocence: The Current State Court Standards to Determine if a Guilty Plea Has Been Decided Upon by an Informed Accused and Proposed Reforms, 7 T. Marshall L. Rev. 1. (1981).
Book Chapters
Dannye Holley, Using the Syllabus as Synthesis & Teaching Plan, in Techniques For Teaching Law (Steven Friedland & Gerald Hess eds. 1999).




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