Classroom Technology

TMSL 1st Floor Moot Court Area
105 - 106 - 107

      The Moot Court area located on the first floor of the Law School can provide an area for approx. 150-180 seats.  This area has a moveable partition wall to allow for multiple configurations based on your needs.  Each room provides individual or combined control of the multimedia podium systems. Room 106 and 107 also have dual plasma displays that can duplicate the input from the podium systems.   The area in room 105 can also be configured to support DVR recording of the sessions.

TMSL 1st Floor Moot Court Area

Room 107
                A presentation room with 84 fixed seats, can be combined with rooms 105 and 106 for large events.  Podium system has a projector output with audio and microphone, and allows input from PC, laptop (or other VGA devices), dedicated USB connection, DVD/VCR player, and Document Scanner. 

107 Panoramic

107-1 107-2