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Room and Equipment Request

Space Availability and Reservations:
The law school has 10 rooms used primarily for classes and other educational purposes.  The school also maintains two computer labs located inside the law library with one used strictly for training and the other for student and employee use.  In addition to these rooms, there are three conference rooms (two located in the library and one on the second floor which is the Dean’s Conference room). 

Room Reservations: 
The law school’s facilities are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis listed in the priority indicated below:    

  • Law School and university classes, tutorials, review sessions, and special events
  • Student organizational meetings, and review sessions
  • Faculty, staff, administration meetings and other events
  • Professional organizations, and alumni functions, and
  • Approved community meetings and events

To reserve space in the law school, please complete the Room or Tables/Chairs Request Form (pdf) and send to Jo Alridge (jalridge@tmslaw.tsu.edu).  If the link is unavailable, please email your request to Jo Alridge.  Only written requests will be processed.  All requests should be sent at least 72 hours in advance and will be processed in the order received. The Office of Building Services will respond to all requests within 24 hours, provided the request was sent during the requested time.  Cancellations must be made as soon as possible to provide an opportunity for other groups to utilize the space.  Cancellations should be made not less than 24 hours in advance.  Cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance will result in limitations or restrictions in future space use.

Facility Use Fees:
The School of Law reserves the right to charge an administrative fee to cover any support services needed such as technology, police, or maintenance/cleaning. The cost is be aligned with the University’s fees and is based on hourly rates.  Consult the director of building services for rates.  A $100.00 deposit will be required for use of all rooms by external vendors.  The deposit for the Moot Court Auditorium (Rooms 105/106/107) will be $350.00.  The deposit for the Dean’s Conference Room will be $150.00.  All deposits will be returned to the requesting individual/group within one week.  If the room or equipment in the room is damaged, the deposit will be forfeited.  The deposit will also be forfeited if the room is not clean, or left in disarray (tables and chairs not returned to proper location, food/beverages in room, or trash in the room).  

If an external group is approved to have a major fundraising or special event, all fees will apply and will not be waived. A Certificate of Insurance with coverage of at least $100,000.00 for liability must be presented at the time the agreement is signed.  The lessee agrees to hold the School of Law, the University, and its agents (regents, employees, students) harmless from any liability or property loss that may result from the group’s event. 

Fee Waivers:
The director of building services in consultation with the School of Law’s dean, may waive the administrative fees and deposits under certain circumstances which benefit the School of Law. The fees for the use of a police or security officer will not be waived.

Rules for Room usage:
Lessee must comply with all rules, regulations, and ordinances of the School of Law as well as the University.  Do not remove furniture from the assigned room. Every attempt will be made to honor room arrangements.  Please leave all furniture in it s original setting, unless permission has been granted to rearrange for a specific event.  If the room is left in disarray following the event, the organization may forfeit room privileges for future use.

During classes, meetings, and other events, students, patrons, or lessee should not eat or drink in the classrooms. Exceptions: Pre-approved containers (those with snap on tight lids) can be used for drinking. Aluminum soda cans, coffee cups, fast food drink cups, and all other containers are not allowed in the classrooms or library. Please clear the room after the event. Remove all decorations, trash, and related items as soon as possible.

Damage to furniture should be reported to the Office of Building Services in Room 223F. Cost of repairs will be billed to the sponsoring organization or president.  Failure to pay for repairs in a timely manner may result in future room reservation privileges being revoked.

All food related events must comply with the University’s policy.  This information should be communicated with the Office of Building Services at the time the agreement is signed.  The University maintains an on-campus food service provider, Sodexho.  Arrangements for food can be made directly through Sodexho, or another external vendor.  If an external vendor is used, the company must provide proof of insurance and an alcohol license if alcohol is served.  All vendors, employees, and student organizations are expected to adhere to the University’s Alcohol Policy (listed in the Event Handbook for students, faculty, staff, and vendors). Vendors as well as University constituents must comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding the possession, consumption, and distribution of alcoholic beverages. 

If there is a problem with the air conditioning or heating during the function, notify the Office of Building Services at ext. 4208. The Office of Building Services reserves the right to cancel room reservation dif proper procedures are not followed. Room reservations are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. However, in the event of a scheduling conflict, every effort will be made to accommodate the function in another area, if space permits.

Technology Requests:
To request PowerPoint or any other technical service, please complete the Service/Equipment Request Form.

Table Requests: (download the request pdf)
Requests for table/room setup for functions must be submitted to the Office of Building Services at least three business days (72 hours) in advance.  The Office of Building Services will confirm all table and space requests via email within 24 hours of receipt.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please email Jo Aldridge at jalridge@tmslaw.tsu.edu.





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