Dannnye K. Holley, Dean and Professor of Law

Adjunct Faculty - Fall 2022

Adjunct Faculty

Courses for Fall 2022

Adams, Timothy

 Course 927-Advanced Trail Practice-sec.1

Anderson, Ricky

 Course 791-Entertainment Law-sec.1

Austin, Kelley

 Course 908-Civil Externship Property

Dubose, Thalia

 Courses 908/932-Civil Externship

Esther, Marcus

Course 924-Law Practice Management

Fong, William

 Course 557-Employment Perm Resident Prof

Guidry, Myrna

 Course 703-Mediation -section1

Hall, Chabli

 Course-Course 900-Lawyering Process/Legal Research sec.2

Hall, Tiffany

 Course 900-sec.5-Lawyering Process/Legal Research sec4-5

Harrington, Angela

 Course 908-Civil Externship Trial Practice -Child Welfare

Harrison, Michael

 Course745-Civil Right Enforcement

Hathaway-Cone, Misty

 Course 920-section 4-Appellate Litigation

Mirza, Imran B.

 Course 561-Crime & Immigration

Powell, Apriel

 Course787-Health Law

Pradia, Troy

 Course 915-Street Light Clinic

Ramirez, Adriana

 Course 560-Basic Immigration Law

Randall, Be’atrice

 Course 932-Civil Externship Trial Practice (Child Welfare)

Schneider, Stan

 Course 920-sec.2-Appellate Litigation

Scott, Brendetta

 Course 920-sec.3-Appellate Litigation

Self, Christopher

 907/902-Criminal Trial Practice (General)

Thomas, Joy

 Course 907/902/Criminal Trial Practice (General)

Toppins, Wilka

 Course 562-Consular Practice

Wilkins, Cara

 Course 756-Labor Law

Williams, Lea

 Course Information and Privacy Laws




























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