Dannnye K. Holley, Dean and Professor of Law

Student Organizations

Student Bar Association

Franklin Achonye - President (email: f.achonye5322@student.tsu.edu)

The SBA primarily provides an organization of self-government for all students so they may sponsor various projects and programs to enhance their knowledge of and respect for the legal profession, as well as their pride in the Law School. The SBA serves as a medium for strengthening cooperation among the students, between students and faculty, and between students and the practicing bar.

Social Media: @tmsl_sba

2L Board - Aaron Abram - President (email: a.abram9369@student.tsu.edu)
Social Media: tmsl2024 - Instagram

3L Board - Christina Vernet - President (email: c.vernet5457@student.tsu.edu )
Social Media: tmsl2023 -Instagram, Thurgood Marshall School of Law (class of 2023) - Facebook

The SBA 2L Class Board, inclusive of section representatives, advocates on behalf of the Class of 2024, while collectively advancing the needs of the class through effective communication, strategic partnerships, and engagement. Operating under the theme, “Moving Thurgood Forward,” the 2L board is poised to advance the goals of the class, TSU, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, and the Student Bar Association. 

The SBA 3L Board Class of 2023 board serves as the primary connection between the students and the administration.

African Law Students Association (ALSA)

Eleanor Awa - President (email: e.awa2128@student.tsu.edu)

ALSA represents the African diaspora in law. Our goal is to represent our vast cultures in a positive light and showcase our heritage as it relates to our legal careers.

Faculty Advisors: Stephanie Ledesma, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Experiential Learning Programs, and Mi Amy Ratra, Associate Dean of Student Services and Instructional Support

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

Shanila Mannan - President (email: s.mannan8440@student.tsu.edu)
AAPILSA is a progressive student-oriented organization designed to:
(1) provide a means for Asian American and Pacific American law students to address concerns unique to them;
(2) promote an environment conducive to the study of law; and
(3) encourage adherence to the highest ethical standards of the legal profession. 
AAPLISA works with other law student organizations and the local, legal community in sponsoring functions. Membership is open to all students.

Faculty Advisors: Peter Marchetti, Associate Professor, Christopher Self, Adjunct ProfessorProfessor Maurice Hew, Professor of Law, and Vy Nguyen, Adjunct Professor

Social Media: (Instagram) - @aapilsatmsl

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

Christian Wolford - President (email: c.wolford8250@student.tsu.edu)

BLSA is committed to making a difference in the lives of black law students and the community at large, by providing resources
and activities to black law students and instilling an awareness of and commitment to the needs of the black community.

Faculty Advisor: April Walker, Professor of Law

Social Media: Instagram: tmslblsa; Twitter: TmslNBLSA; LinkedIn: TMSL Black Law Students Association;
Facebook: Barbara C. Jordan Black Law Students Association - TMSL

Black Men of Excellence (BME)

Roman Porsche- Founder and Founding President ( r.porsche0900@student.tsu.edu)

BME exists to encourage, inform, and unite students with a focus on  Black Men in the legal profession by creating networking and study groups. BME teaches study methods and provides the TMSL community with resume boosting opportunities. BME is proud to welcome any and all interested students to its membership to support Black men.

Faculty Advisors: Ahunanya Anga, Associate Dean of Teaching and Faculty Development and Professor of Law; Kindaka Sanders, Associate Professor of Law

Instagram: @tmslbme

Board of Advocates (BOA)

Arielle Strong - President (email: a.strong3133@student.tsu.edu)

The BOA promotes the practice of effective trial and appellate advocacy by sponsoring all mock trials, moot courts, and other dispute-resolution competitions at Thurgood Marshall School of Law; as well as hosts legal seminars, workshops and field trips to enhance the legal knowledge of BOA members and all law students. The BOA is charged by the Law School with selecting competitions for participation that will best enhance the reputation of the school and the organization. The BOA also assists in preparing students for participation in national trial and appellate advocacy competitions.

Faculty Advisor: James M. Douglas, Distinguished Professor of Law

Cannabis Law Student Association (CLSA)

Tasha Dennis - President (2022-2023); (email: o.dennis0666@student.tsu.edu), Emily Joubert, J.D. - Founder and Founding President

CLSA exists to promote, encourage, and guide law students interested in learning, specializing, and practicing cannabis law; is dedicated to seeking justice for minorities who have been convicted for non-violent cannabis related offenses where states have decriminalized or legalized cannabis; facilitates understanding the legal challenges between federal illegalization of cannabis and state legalization of cannabis; helps bring resources to law students who are interested in learning more about the industry and the laws that govern cannabis; collaborates with cannabis legal professionals, cannapreneurs, and other members in the industry to provide networking opportunities for law students; influences the realm of advocacy and social reform of cannabis by working with advocacy groups.

Faculty Advisor: Craig L. Jackson, Professor of Law
Social Media: @Cannabislawtmsl (Instagram)

Chess Club

Ivanka Nerise Garrett - President (i.garrett0575@student.tsu.edu)

Chess Club facilitates a formal program of instruction to teach the game of chess and promotes program through community outreach to increase awareness of the educational value of the game.  
Chess improves attention span, memory capacity, and both critical and logical thinking.  Mastering these skills are fundamental to lawyering success.  Open to students of all skill levels.

Faculty Advisor: Ronda Harrison, Assistant Dean of Academic Support and Bar Readiness

Christian Legal Society (CLS)

Melizza Gonzalez - President (email: m.gonzalez5752@student.tsu.edu)

The TMSL chapter of Christian Legal Society (CLS) is dedicated to raising a Christian standard at the law school and in the larger community through non-denominational fellowship, study, and service. CLS’s mission is to serve Christ daily in its Christian walk. Open to all interested persons. 

Faculty Advisor: McKen Carrington, Professor of Law 

Social Media: Instagram @tmsl.christianlegalsociety

Family and Juvenile Law Society

David Maly - President (email: D.Maly4177@student.tsu.edu)

The Family and Juvenile Law Society aims to provide students relevant networking opportunities, serve the community, and explore varied, important issues within family and juvenile law that have historically gone largely unnoticed in society.

Faculty Advisors: Thelma Harmon, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Education, and Constance Fain, Earl Carl Professor of Law

Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA)

Gabriela Lopez - President (email: g.lopez6054@student.tsu.edu)

HLSA strives to meet the educational, cultural, and social needs of Hispanic law students and helps its members achieve success in law school and beyond. While HLSA focuses on Hispanic issues, HLSA welcomes all law students. At its core, HLSA empowers underrepresented law students through professional development, networking, mentorship, and scholarships.

Social Media: @tmslhlsa

Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS)

Lorraine Olutu - President (email: l.olutu5360@student.tsu.edu)

IPLS was formed to educate students about the main areas of Intellectual Property Law, Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Trade secrets and other closely related areas including false advertising, unfair competition, technology, and business law. IPLS’s goal is to inform students about recent developments in intellectual property while increasing awareness, diversity, collaboration, and interest in the field, while  exploring career, networking, and scholarship opportunities.

Faculty Advisor: Elsa Y. Ransom, Associate Professor of Law

Social Media: @TMSL_IPLS

Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS)

President - DeAndre Jackson Vice President - Mya Ashlan Lloyd (email: teamtmslsels@gmail.com)

SELS aims to educate, raise awareness, inform, and connect students with the Sports and Entertainment law industry by increasing networking opportunities, hosting seminars and workshops, and building relationships with affiliated organizations. SELS functions as a supplemental, student resource to open pathways to economic and decision-making parity in the sports and entertainment industries, while providing an effective network of high-impact professionals and  and information-sharing opportunities.

Faculty Advisor: Walter Champion, Professor of Law


David Maly and Violetta Villarreal - Presidents (emails: d.maly4177@student.tsu.edu and v.villarreal6420@student.tsu.edu)

U.N.I.T.E. works to provide an inclusive environment with a focus on the LGBTQIA+ community and does so through many efforts including educational events, social activities, and advocacy initiatives. U.N.I.T.E. is proud to welcome any interested student to its membership to support the LGBTQIA+ community.

Faculty Advisors: Martina Cartwright, Associate Professor of Law-Clinic, and Kindaka Sanders, Associate Professor of Law

Social Media: Instagram: @tmslunite

Women of Law (WOL)

Jeniah Hunter - President (email: womenoflawtmsl@gmail.com)
Women of Law-Lois Prestage Woods ChapterWomen of Law- Lois Prestage Woods Chapter, established in 2013, is a collegiate chapter of the National Women of Law Students' Organization of Ms. JD, a national community that provides a forum for dialogue and networking among practicing and aspiring women lawyers. WOL  facilitates professional development of the female student body and aims to ensure an increased representation of women in the legal profession by raising awareness of relevant issues through development of competitive career-building skills and by fostering a strong and empowering community of practicing and aspiring women attorneys.

Social Media: Facebook: www.Facebook.com/womenoflawtmsl, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tmslwomenoflaw/

Faculty Advisors: Edieth Y. Wu, Lois Prestage Woods Professor of Law, and Faith Joseph Jackson, Professor of Law

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