Office of Academic Success and Bar Readiness


The Office of Academic Success and Bar Readiness (OAS) at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law supports our students in reaching their fullest academic and career potential.  The office offers specific services to first- and second-year law students designed to aid their learning and mastery of specific skills to help them succeed within the rigors of the law school experience.  These services include one-on-one academic coaching, academic intervention at the request of a professor or student, tutorials for all required law school curriculum courses, facilitation of academic success workshops focusing on critical skills for success in law school, time management, financial literacy and budgeting for the bar exam period, preparing for the various components of the bar exam, and much more. OAS staff also teach the law school bar preparation electives (for law school credit) and provide bar coaching for 3L students and alumni of Thurgood Law.  We offer an OAS Tutorial Lab for 1L and 2L students located in the law school library Monday through Friday.  The lab is staffed by high achieving law school Graduate Assistants. 







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Office of Academic Success & Bar Readiness


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