Mission Statement:

Student focused learning is the mission of the TMSL Center for Experiential Learning: learn-by-observing; learn-by- assessing; learn by evaluating; learn-by-experiencing; and learn-by-doing.   Each student is individually immersed in multi-level learning opportunities designed to help students develop their professional identity while promoting the development of their legal and ethical judgment and essential practice skills.  This transformation of the student self occurs simultaneously while students expand and test their knowledge of substantive legal doctrine.

Vision Statement

Experiential Learning

Each clinic provides training, individual supervision and feedback from clinical instructors or supervising attorneys. In addition to the externship or live-client clinic course, each student is required to enroll in a practice skills course which serves as the classroom component.

The Clinical Legal Studies Program offers three externships and three live-client clinics:

  • Civil Law Externship
  • Criminal Law Externship
  • Judicial Law Externship
  • Administrative Law Clinic*
  • Civil Law Clinic
  • Criminal Law Clinic

*Administrative law clinic includes environmental law and immigration law.


• Learn the law in a real-life context
• Serve traditionally underrepresented clients
• Develop professional and problem-solving skills
• Become aware of public interest, public policy and government concerns
• Engage in critical reflection on the lawyer’s role in relation to clients and society


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