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Visitor's Info - Policies


Library patrons may only bring beverages in approved spill proof containers.

Food is permitted in the form of individual "snack size" containers of foods like chips, cookies, candy, granola bars, and other relatively non messy, individual snack foods. Please discard all foods containers in the designated trash cans near the study rooms, near the basement elevator lobby and the main library exit. All library staff members are authorized to enforce this policy.

Library hours are posted at the top of this page, and on the marquee in the library entrance. Please complete all circulation activity, photocopying, scanning, and printing at least fifteen minutes (15) prior to closing.

Borrowing Privileges
The law library's collection is available to the general public for in-library research.  Qualified borrowers must have a current bar-coded TSU Tiger One card or a current TexShare card and picture ID card.  TMSL students may borrow circulating library materials for a four (4) week period.  The loan period for TexShare cards patrons is also four (4) weeks.  All law library materials are due at the end of each semester, even if the normal four-week loan period has not expired.  All loans should be initiated at least 15 minutes before posted closing times.

  • Patrons - A valid state issued ID card or valid state Issued Driver's License is required to check out materials from the reserve collection.

  • Law Students - A valid Tiger One card is required to check out circulating materials from the classified collection and from the reserve collection.

  • University Students, Faculty and Staff - A valid Tiger One Card is required to check out materials from the reserve collection. TSU Students - A valid Tiger One Card and a TEXSHARE card are required to check out circulation materials from the classified collection.

The library is a place for research and study. Loud talking or lengthy conversations are not permitted. In an effort to control the volume of noise in the library, there are two different noise zones in the library, the "Quiet Zone" and the "No Talking Zone". In the "Quiet Zone" short low whispered conversations will be allowed. While in the "No Talking Zone" talking will be totally prohibited. This location is for serious studying. Absolutely no talking will be allowed in this area, no exceptions.

  • Most of the first floor will be a "Quiet Zone" with short whispered conversations being allowed.
  • Exception, one area of the first floor, the tables and carrels in the Classified Sections around Aisles 120-136 will also be a "No Talking Zone."
  • The entire Law Library Basement is a "No Talking Zone."

Library Access
The main entrance is the only point of access to the Library. Without the prior authorization of the Law Library Director, access to the library after hours is strictly prohibited. Staff work areas, which include areas behind the Circulation Desk, are off limits to patrons.

Library Property
Destroying or vandalizing library equipment and materials is prohibited. Please respect library property, and report any damages to the Circulation Desk staff. With the exception of classified books, please reshelve all library materials.

Library Security
The law library uses an electric security system to prevent unauthorized removal of library materials. A patron in possession of improperly checked out materials will set off an alarm when exiting and will be unable to pass. If the alarm sounds, all materials must be presented to the Circulation Desk attendant for inspection. Do not bring items into the library that you do not want inspected.

Lost And Found
Items found in the law library should be taken to the Circulation Desk. Unclaimed items are used by the law library or given to a charitable organization.

Knowledge Imaging Center
The Knowledge Imaging Center is a complete walk-up color digitization scanning system for excerpts from books and other materials, up to 24 x 17 inches. Inquire at the Circulation Desk for more information

Telephones located in the law library are for library use only. However, the secondary line located at the Circulation Desk can be used in case of emergencies.

Help us to provide a safe study environment by reporting suspicious activity or individual(s) to the Circulation Desk so that we can alert the campus police.

The use of tobacco products in all areas of the Library is prohibited.

Suggestions for improved services and book purchases, as well as complaints or other comments concerning the library, should be made to any library staff member.

Pencil sharpeners, hole punchers, paper cutters, and staplers are available at the Circulation Desk and in the photocopying area.




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