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Student Organizations

African Law Students Association (ALSA)
An organization designed to promote and articulate the professional needs and goals of students with an African heritage. The association fosters the professionalism of its members with special regard to the legal profession. It is also the goal of the association to encourage a sense of excellence in the study and application of international legal issues. Forums involving both international business and human rights issues are a focal point. The society membership is unique, inasmuch as it represents the broad cultural diversity of the School of Law.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)
APALSA is a progressive student-oriented organization designed to: (1) provide a means for Asian American and Pacific American law students to address concerns unique to them; (2) promote an environment conducive to the study of law; and (3) to encourage adherence to the highest ethical standards of the legal profession. APALSA works with other law student organizations and the local legal community in sponsoring functions. Membership is open to all students.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)
BLSA strives to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students; to foster and encourage professional competence; and to focus upon the relationship of the Black attorney to the American legal system.

Christian Legal Society (CLS)
The Christian Legal Society is a nationwide organization formed to foster Christian teachings in the legal community. The Society seeks to aid students who have the desire to incorporate the Christian lifestyle into the rigor of the law school environment. The Society also helps to foster Christian ideals to be incorporated in the practice of law. Weekly seminars are held featuring a variety of topics and speakers.

Criminal Law Society (CLS)
The Criminal Law Society promotes and explores aspects of criminal law practice by enhancing student advocacy skills and by developing networking skills with practicing criminal lawyers.

Environmental Law Society (ELS)
Society dedicated to educating the school and the local community about anthropogenic impacts on the environment. Community clean ups and lecture series concerning energy and the environment.

Government Law Society (GLS)
The Thurgood Marshall School of Law Government Law Society (GLS) is the premier student organization for law students with an interest in federal, state, and local government law and policy. The GLS was established with the recognition that there is a great need to educate the Thurgood Marshall School of Law community about government practice areas. Furthermore, the GLS recognizes that exposing law students to government service at the earliest opportunity may instill an awareness of those issues that will benefit both the lawyer and society.

Health Law Society (HLS)
The Health Law Society focuses on issues concerning the health law field. Informational seminars, career planning conferences, and networking opportunities are offered.

Hispanic Law Students Association (HLSA)
HLSA is comprised of current students of Thurgood Marshall who are of Hispanic background or those who possess an interest in the furtherance of the Hispanic community. The purpose is to articulate and promote the needs and goals of the Hispanic law student. HLSA seeks to bring legal training to bear upon the problems, legal and nonlegal, in the Hispanic community. It also provides an organization through which the Thurgood Marshall School of Law can effectively communicate the needs and desires of its student members.

Houston Young Lawyers Association (HYLA)
The Houston Young Lawyers Association provides law students with ample opportunity to network with young lawyers currently practicing in the Houston area. HYLA sponsors numerous seminars and social events throughout the academic year.

Intellectual Property Society (IPS)
The Intellectual Property Society was formed in 1990. The Society seeks to bridge the gap between the academic and practical aspects associated with the intellectual property field. The Society sponsors both lectures and symposiums. Acknowledged experts in the field are featured as speakers and participants.

International & Immigration Law Society (IILS)
The purpose of IILS is to promote awareness, study and understanding of international and immigration law issues. IILS’s goals are to encourage communication and cooperation among law students and other interested individuals internationally; increase opportunities to learn about other cultures and legal systems worldwide; and publicize career opportunities in international and immigration law.

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)
An international professional fraternity of law students, legal educators, and members of the Bench and Bar, PAD was organized to promote professional competency and achievement within the legal profession. The fraternity provides the student with immediate access to a wealth of legal talent, as well as limited financial assistance. The fraternity bases eligibility for membership upon several criteria - academic standing, character, and leadership.

Phi Delta Phi (PDP)
PDP is a professional legal fraternity dedicated to professional excellence and the development of life-long comraderie. PDP is the oldest and largest legal fraternity. To be eligible for membership, an individual must be of good moral character and either a student actively pursuing the study of law or an individual who is prominent in the legal profession.

Prestage Woods Women's Legal Society (PWWLS)
PWWLS provides a forum and network for issues and concerns affecting professional women. PWWLS seeks to promote a cohesive and dignified women's organization which incorporates more quaified women into the professional arena.

Student Bar Association (SBA)
Every student in the School of Law is automatically a member of the Student Bar Association. The primary objective of the association is to provide an organization of self-government for all students so that they may sponsor various projects and programs which will enhance their knowledge of and respect for the legal profession, as well as their pride in the Law School. The secondary purpose is to have a medium for strengthening cooperation among the students, between the students and faculty, and between the students and the Bar.

Thurgood Marshall Tax Society (TMTS)
The Thurgood Marshall Tax Society develops programs and presents key speakers on topics concerning income tax issues. The organization provides tax services for the community and assists students in obtaining employment in the area of tax law.



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