Experiential Learning


Dean Dannye Holley

Professor Stephanie Smith Ledesma, MA, JD CWLS
Assistant Professor 
Director of Experiential Learning Programs

Phone: (713) 313-1105
Email: ssledesma@tmslaw.tsu.edu

The GOAL of Experiential Education at TMSL is to immerse each student in multi-level learning opportunities that encourages students to learn-by-observing; learn-by- assessing; learn by evaluating; learn-by-experiencing; and learn-by-doing.   By melding the experiential learning curriculum with doctrinal foundations, the experiential learning program is firmly grounded in student-centered teaching that utilizes best practices in implementing experiential pedagogy

Through well planned experiential learning experiences, TMSL helps students develop many of the core competencies that the American Bar Association has identified and TMSL faculty have adopted as central for success in the legal profession today; skills that are needed to graduate students who are grounded in professionalism, who accept responsibility for their own professional identity and who are prepared to master competencies required of the legal profession in the 21st Century. Skills such as reflective learning, fact-gathering, and professionalism are enhanced through programs that bridge the gap from law school to law practice.

TMSL firmly believes that our students ARE the SOCIAL ENGINEERS that will bring about positive change in the communities in which they serve, the communities in which they live and the world at large.







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