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The W.J. Durham Papers are digitized court documents from the attorney who represented Heman Sweatt, alongside Thurgood Marshall, in Sweatt v. Painter.

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The Papers of W.J. Durham, Esq.
William J. Durham (1896 - 1970) was a resident of Sherman, Texas for much of his life. He was notable as an African-American attorney and leader in the civil rights movement.

Durham spent the rest of his life fighting for equal rights for blacks in Texas, despite a race riot in Sherman in May 1930, where the black business district, including Durham's office, was burned.He became a leader in the Texas NAACP and served as the attorney in more than forty civil rights cases that sought to end segregation throughout Texas.

His most famous case was Sweatt v. Painter (1950) which resulted in the integration of the University of Texas School of Law. Durham and Thurgood Marshall worked closely in crafting this case from quarters in the Durham family home in Sherman.

Durham eventually moved his practice to Dallas, Texas, and practiced law there for many years. When he died on December 22, 1970 he was buried in Greenville Cemetery in Greenville, Texas.

William Sweat
W.J. Durham, pictured above, second from left with
Heman Sweatt, second from right.


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