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Prior Law Students, Transfer and Visiting Applicants

Prior Law School (Academically Dismissed Applicants)

Thurgood Marshall School of Law will consider for admission, a limited number of students who encountered circumstances that contributed to their lack of success in their first year of law school.  Such applicants, if admitted, would receive no academic credit for their previous work but would be required to enter the Law School as a first-year student and repeat the first-year curriculum in its entirety.

To be considered for admission, a student who has been previously disqualified from any law school must have been separated from that law school for a period of one year from the date they were advised of their disqualification to the start date of the fall semester for which they are applying (not enrolled in a law school for a period of one year).

To apply as a “readmitted candidate” the applicant must submit their application (JD2) and $55 application fee online through LSAC, as well as transcripts, including one from their law school showing first year grades, letters of recommendation, and an Amelioration Statement – a narrative statement to include an analysis of what contributed to the lack of success in the first law school attempt and how the candidate intends to ameliorate their situation going forward if readmitted.  A Letter of Standing from the dean of their previous law school attesting to the applicant’s academic and character & fitness standing must be submitted with the application through the LSAC LSDAS Service. 

Prior Law Students (Academically Dismissed Applicant) Check List:

  • Application (JD2) and $55 application fee submitted through LSAC
  • Amelioration Statement – Narrative Statement to include analysis of circumstances causing dismissal and how the candidate will ameliorate their situation to ensure future  success if readmitted.
  • Letter of Standing from the dean of dismissing law school attesting to both academic standing and character and fitness
  • Letters of Recommendation (particularly helpful would be a letter from a law professor who taught the applicant in a doctrinal course in the first year)
  • CAS report to include ALL transcripts including one from the law school 

Transfer Students

In the case of transfer (advanced standing) applications, no more than thirty (30) semester hours of approved credit is transferable by applicants already attending other ABA-approved law schools.

Students who are in good academic standing and have a first-year academic record from an ABA approved law school are eligible for transfer. In addition to filing an application for admission (JD2) along with the $55 application made online through LSAC.org, a narrative statement to include the reasons the applicant wishes to transfer must be submitted. Letters of recommendation may also be submitted to support the application. A Letter of Good Standing from the dean of the current law school (including class rank, if available) Is also required.

Additionally, a dean’s letter regarding the transfer applicant’s status at the prior law school and an official school transcript showing all first-year grades must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions.Transfer applicants must register with the Law School Admissions Council for an LSDAS report.

Transfer Applicant Checklist:

    • Application for admission

    • $55 application fee payable online with application

    • Narrative Statement including reasons for transfer

    • Letter of Good Standing from Dean of prior law school Including class rank (if unavailable, stating such)

    • CAS Report sent by LSAC's to include an official law school transcript from the current law school.

Visiting Students

Applicants who seek visiting (transient) status must submit an application no later than one semester prior to the session in which visiting status is sought. Visiting students are not required to register with the Law School Admissions Council but must furnish a letter from the law school Dean which grants permission to visit and states the terms under which course credit will transfer.

Visiting Student Checklist

  • Application (JD2) for admission one semester prior to date of requested visitation 

  • $55 application fee with application filed online through LSAC.org

  • CAS report from LSAC to include your official transcript of grades earned at current law school 

  • Letter of Good Standing from the dean of the current law school granting permission for visitation and the terms under which course(s) credit will transfer.


Thurgood Marshall School of Law is a public law school founded in June 1947.  The school is fully accredited by the American Bar Association.

For more information regarding accreditation, please contact:
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Non-Discrimination Policy

Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, age or disability in the administration of its academic or employment policies, or other school-administered rights, privileges, programs or activities.



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