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Admissions Office - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the overall bar passage rate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law?
First Time Bar Passage Rate (Class of 2019): 55.8%
Two Year Bar Passage Rate (Class of 2017): 79.7%

When will TMSL begin reviewing applications for Fall?
The Admissions Office begins processing in September and the Admissions Committee normally begins its review in December.

What is your application fee?
A non-refundable $55 application fee must be paid online through LSAC when applying.

When is your application deadline?
Applications become available on September 1 each year and may be submitted through August 1. While we suggest you apply as early in the process as possible, we also suggest you apply when you can present yourself as the best applicant you can be. Candidates applying by February 15 will receive priority consideration for scholarship awards.

When should I take the LSAT?
The LSAT is offered 9 times a year in June, July, September, October, November, January February, March and April. For 2020-2021 dates visit: https://www.lsac.org

Should I take the LSAT more than once?
You should retake the LSAT more than once if you feel your results were affected by lack of appropriate preparation, circumstances surrounding your taking the test, or if you feel you were unable to demonstrate your true testing ability for whatever reason.

How do you compare two or more LSAT scores?
All valid test scores (scores achieved during the preceding 3 year period) are reported on the LSAC CAS Report. Admissions decisions are based on your highest test score.

What are the quartiles and median LSAT scores for TMSL?
75th %ile – 150
Median – 148
25th%ile – 147

What are the quartiles and median GPA for TMSL?
75th %ile – 3.49
Median – 3.18
25th %ile – 2.76

How can I find out if my credentials are competitive for admission to TMSL?
The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools is an excellent source of information which may found here: https://officialguide.lsac.org. 

Does the Law School participate in the CLEO Program?
TMSL is a longtime partner with CLEO

How much is the Cost of Attendance?

In- State Tuition and Fees - $21,038 
Plus the rest of the budget covering rent, food, utilities, books and some personal expenses - $20,819.28
Total Cost of Attendance - $41,856.99
Out of State Tuition & Fees - $28,695
Plus the rest of the budget as above - $20,819.28
Total Cost of Attendance - $48,513.99

Do you have an Evening/Part Time Program?
We have a Full Time Program only.

Do you have any Joint Degree Programs?
We offer a JD/MBA and a JD/MPA.

What is the size of your law school?
Approximately 600.

Is it possible to visit the law school and sit-in on first year class?
Regretfully, due to Covid-19 and social distancing rules this is not currently possible.

How can I find out if my credentials are competitive with your applicants?
The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools is an excellent source of information which may be found here: https://officialguide.lsac.org

Do you have Spring Admission?
No, with the exception of admission to the LLM program. J.D. applicants are admitted for the Fall semester only.

What is the cost of housing in Houston?
Approximately $750 - $900 per month.

Do you have study abroad programs?
Our students are frequently approved for study abroad programs offered through other ABA accredited law schools.

When should I apply for financial aid?
All applicants should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which becomes available each October as early as possible. It is not necessary to complete the current year’s tax return prior to submitting the FAFSA as it is the previous year’s tax return from which you will report. Parental information is not required even if you were a dependent in the year prior to applying to law school. Applicants should file their FAFSA listing all the schools to which they are applying to ensure the Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to each school even prior to being admitted. This will avoid any delay in receiving your Financial Aid package from schools to which you are applying and the subsequent disbursement of funds at the school which you elect to attend.

What is the school’s financial aid code?

What types of scholarships are available for incoming students?
All admitted students are considered for generous merit scholarships based on their undergraduate GPA, LSAT scores and other factors in their application.

What is the average age for students entering the first-year class?
The average age of incoming students is 26 years old — 60% of our students are under 30 years old — 32% of our students are over 30 years old.

What is the faculty-student ratio?
12 to 1 (approximately)

Is a laptop computer required?
There is currently a laptop computer requirement.

Does your law school offer any programs or areas of specialization?
TMSL offers several opportunities for students to specialize in diverse areas. The Institute for International Law, The Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, and The Institute for Environmental Law.

How can I contact the Admissions Office?
You may contact the admissions office Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at 713.313.7114
You may also email the admissions office at admissions@tmslaw.tsu.edu

May I submit my letter of recommendation directly to your office?
While we will accept a letter of recommendation sent directly to our office, it is in your best interest to have your letters submitted through LSAC. Letters are retained by LSAC through the entirety of your LSDAS subscription. If your recommender prefers to send it directly to the admissions office, the letter must be In a sealed envelope, signed across the back flap. Be certain they include your full name on the letter of recommendation.

Does TSU/TMSL have any immunization requirements for incoming students?

I have a learning difference or a disability requiring accommodations.  Who do I contact for information?
Contact Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at: virgie.mouton@tmslaw.tsu.edu

What is TMSL’s affiliation with Texas Southern University?
TMSL is part of the Texas Southern University System. We are one of the many colleges the university houses.


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