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Thurgood Marshall School of Law Innocence Project

Because Truth Matters

A picture containing sketch, text, drawing, symbol  Description automatically generated TMSLIP’s motto is “Because Truth Matters.” The lead attorney works with law students, volunteers, and local attorneys to prove the actual innocence of persons convicted of a crime in the state of Texas.

TMSLIP undertakes a wholly client centered approach. Project staff take the time to listen to everyone who contacts us—which is thousands of people annually—to determine what we can do to help. We investigate each case with vigor and tenacity. This means traveling across Texas to speak with the wrongfully accused in their prison units and to confer with anyone and everyone who was connected to the case. It also means lots of records requests and pouring over offense reports, crime scene photos, trial transcripts, and physical evidence in hopes that a new set of eyes will shed light on gross injustices, and sometimes willful misconduct.

Wrongful Convictions and Race

Black people are 13.6% of the American Population, but are 53% of the 3,200 exonerations listed in the National Registry of Exonerations.

That means the Innocent Black Americans are Seven times more likely than White Americans to be falsely convicted of murder.

Your generosity can provide them with the justice and freedom they deserve.

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Texas Prisoner Innocence Questionnaire

The National Registry of Exonerations


Removing the Stigma of a Criminal Record

Earl Carl Institute believes everyone is entitled to a second chance. The Clean Slate Cooperative, CSC for short, gives people hat second chance by clearing their criminal record.

According to the Harris County Public Defender’s Office Holistic Division, there are over 365,000 criminal records eligible to be sealed by statute. The CSC works with attorneys and interns to determine if your criminal record can be sealed. Once the determination is made, you will be invited to one of our sealing events to have your eligible criminal records sealed.

Apply today by clicking the link below:

Application for CSC

See If You Qualify

Non-Harris County Residents                                         Harris County Residents

Black people are more likely than White people to be arrested; once arrested, they are more likely to be convicted. By donating today you are helping us continue our fight against injustice.



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