Strategic Planning

The Assessment Department and the TMSL Strategic Planning committee work together to monitor our TMSL Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan goals are:  1) enhance bar success and student learning, 2) build and maintain a faculty of superior teachers and scholars,  3) maintain reputation for diversity and attract and maintain qualified students, 4) expand career opportunities, 5) build a community of respect and support, and 6) build and maintain the infrastructure to support the strategic plan.  The Assessment Department collects data to measure overall progress, and assists the Strategic Planning Committee in reporting on outcomes.  In addition, all assessment initiatives, including the TMSL assessment plan, are intentionally aligned with the goals of our strategic plan.  

Assessment Planning/SACS Accreditation

The TMSL Assessment Department coordinates with Texas Southern University to ensure that our assessment plan and related activities meet the requirements of our regional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  The TMSL assessment plan is maintained online along with those of other Texas Southern University colleges and schools through the Xitracs database.  Assessment reports are updated annually.