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LL.M. Admission and Tuition Information

LL.M. Admission and Tuition Information

The LL.M. in Immigration and Naturalization Law is a 24-credit degree program that can be completed in one academic year as a full-time student or in two academic years as a part-time student. Minimum semester course load, six (6) hours. Maximum semester course load, Twelve (12) hours. 

The LL.M. Program provides an intensive academic program focused on current and emerging practice and policy issues in immigration and naturalization law. Distance learning is available through online coursework. 

The program is currently accepting enrollment for in-state and domestic students. 

* International students are welcome to contact our Office for Admissions for additional information about enrollment procedures.

§8 (LL.M Curricula Criteria) of Rule XIII (Applicants from other Jurisdiction) is strictly followed. Under the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar of Texas, an applicant must satisfy the law study requirement by graduation with a J.D. degree or its equivalent from an approved law school. (Rule III a). However, one of the exemption to this rule for the foreign applicant is that if they: (1) completed a coursework in an accredited foreign law school; (2) authorized to practice law in the foreign jurisdiction; and (3) completed an LL.M. degree that meets the curricular requirements of Section 8 at an approved U.S. law school. (Rule 8, §§3-4).
The following is a simplified version of the criteria (Rule 8, §8) Minimum of 24 semester credit hours

  1. Minimum of 700 minutes of instruction time per 1 credit hour given

  2. Two semesters of 13 calendar weeks each

  3. Not exclusively summer semesters, but maximum of 4 credits may be earned during summer.

  4. Must finish program within 24 months of matriculation

  5. All coursework to be completed on campus, unless Law school petition to the Board for an exception

  6. Must include:

    1. 2 credit hours of professional responsibility

    2. 2 credit hours in legal research, writing, and analysis

    3. 2 credit hours in course designed for introduction to fundamental U.S. Law

    4. 6 credit hours in subjects tested on Texas Bar Exam.

  7.   May include, toward satisfaction of 24 credits requirement:

    1. Up to 4 credits of clinical coursework

    2. Up to 6 credits of other coursework related to the law or legal training taught in  conjunction with a joint degree program by a member of the law school faculty

  8. Online courses must not count towards the 24 semester credit hours requirement.

Presently foreign students seeking this exemption under our program must  complete  the   Teas exemption courses in addition to the  required  courses   for the completion of  the Immigration and Nationality LL.M.


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Tuition for 24 credit hours: 
*$22,341.84 - Other fees may apply.

For Non-Resident/Out-of-State Tuition: 
Please contact the Office of Admissions at (713) 313-1149, for further information.

*This tuition rate assumes that a student completes 24 credits of coursework during the program at the in-state student rate. Students pay by the credit hour and will be charged additional tuition for coursework above 24 credits. The Thurgood Marshall School of Law is a state-assisted institution, with tuition and fees set by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Southern University Board of Regents and subject to change without notice.

For admission and tuition questions and concerns, please call (713) 313-1149.


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