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LL.M. Fast Facts

Why should I pursue an LL.M. in Immigration and Naturalization Law?

To get in on the heat. 
Let’s face it: Immigration reform is simply HOT. It is one of the most disputed public policy issues facing our country. A heated national debate over immigration reform has spanned for multiple years, with no end in sight. Immigration and naturalization law and policy responds to a number of complex, competing demands and interests that touch on contested conceptions of national identity, class and socioeconomic status, and other related issues. 

Career Development. 
Immigration and naturalization law has proven to be a field of increasing importance, as practiced by a significant percentage of our TMSL graduates. As significant economic, social and other disparities continue to exist, and in many cases, increase among the states and around this nation, so will the need for lawyers with in-depth knowledge of immigration and naturalization law.

Why should I pursue my LL.M. at Thurgood Marshall School of Law?

Affordable Tuition. 
*$22,341.84 tuition and fees (in-state students only) for intensive 24 credit hour program.

Our National Recognition for Diversity.
Historically, Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law was created to be anything but diverse. Voted “Best law School of Diversity” in the nation by the National Jurist in November 2014 and “Most Diverse Law School” by PreLaw Magazine in 2015, now we tower over other law schools in mirroring our nation’s mix for racial diversity. We enroll classes that are as diverse as you will find anywhere in the country. 

Our Faculty. 
Our LL.M. students will experience courses taught by leading immigration practitioners, judges and professors who are dedicated to the pursuit of ensuring that each student has the opportunity to make meaningful progress in acquiring and employing the knowledge, skills, and values for successful lawyering outcomes. We have a faculty-student ratio that provides real opportunities for meaningful and individualized learning conversations.

Our Academic Community.
Our LL.M. program builds on the success of our procedural, substantive and practical aspects of our Institute for International and Immigration Law certificate program. We are proud of our sound curriculum which has considered both doctrinal learning and the practical aspects of lawyering through our value-added immigration externship, immigration law workshops, and our comprehensive CLE series ranging from immigration basics to the impact of immigration on law on labor & employment, family law, criminal law, taxation and international business. 

Perks of attending school in Houston
Low cost of living, affordable housing and no state tax
Fourth largest city in the nation with world-class dining, entertainment, shopping and nightlife
Home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical center in the world
Easy access to recreational and outdoor activities

*Other fees may apply.


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