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Lupe Salinas
Tom Kleven

Eugene Harrington
Professor of Law

and a retired criminal court judge, publishes primarily on Latino civil rights and criminal justice issues. In his book, U.S. Latinos and Criminal Injustice, he addresses the rapid growth of the Latino population and how socioracial discrimination contributes to due process violations, denials of interpreters, and police deprivations of rights.


Kierra Powell '2017

Kierra PowellMy story is rather unique and entails some adversities that have taught me the importance of perseverance.  During my senior year of undergraduate school, I gave birth to my daughter, Mari Davis.  Although I was on a full academic scholarship, I withdrew from Prairie View A & M University in order to raise my daughter.  I began working at various call centers earning minimum wage.  After several months passed, I realized that my lifestyle was not how I envisioned my life for my daughter and me.
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Husein Hadi '08

Judge Valencia NashHusein Hadi was born and raised in the Alief neighborhood of Houston, Texas. As a son of two immigrant parents, he was inspired early on to pursue a career helping others. Mr. Hadi attended and graduated from Debakey High School for Health Professions with a desire to become a cardiologist.
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