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TMSL Bar Studies

TMSL has conducted a series of statistical studies focusing on bar passage. These studies help us identify characteristics of our successful bar takers, and factors that impact successful bar performance. This data analysis is ongoing. A description of the studies can be found under Reports/Studies, and the full reports can be accessed through the ERIC database.

TMSL Skills Assessment Initiative

The Assessment Department collaborates with professors to systematically evaluate our students’ foundational lawyering skills. The purpose of this ongoing evaluation is twofold: 1) to develop information that will help our faculty assist students in improving these important skill-sets, and 2) to help students monitor their own learning.

Using practice Multistate Performance Tests as one assessment tool, we administer a pre-test to all 1L students at the beginning of the 1L year and a post-test at the end of the year. These examinations are graded by practicing lawyers using standardized rubrics. Through this process, we evaluate whether students are competently demonstrating skills such as the ability to write clearly, conduct proper factual and legal analysis, and engage in effective problem solving. MPT tests are also administered to students in the second year using similar rubrics.

Students are also assessed in our Lawyering Process course through “course embedded” assessment. Using a standardized grading rubric, professors and external graders evaluate students’ writing assignments to determine how effectively they are mastering key foundational lawyering skills.

1L Academy and Bar Preparation Courses

The Department of Academic Support and the Assessment Department collaborate to assess the impact of the TMSL 1L Academy and bar preparation courses. The 1L Academy is an academic support program that assists students needing additional educational support to develop critical reading, writing and examination skills. The Bar Essay course assists students in gaining proficiency with essay testing though essay writing skill development.


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